segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2016

When NEVER meant SOON

When never meant soon, too soon...
Those broken promises thrown to the crystal clear water of the sea where we swam together, where we hugged, we kissed. That time when all seemed so perfect. 
I wonder if life give us, weak human beings and specially you, a liar, so many chances to enjoy the fulfillment love brings...
I think it should be a sin to play so hard with the chances God give us to enjoy life saying things we never meant as if someone was asking. 
Never... It seems the word is everywhere echoing in my head the same way I was so unfortunate to get to know your NEVER just meant too soon.
Is this the Universe showing me hardly that you never deserved to be part of my life, my thoughts, part of my broken heart? 
Is this the way things end?? 
Always with that bitter taste of disappointment not because it's over, but because the memories are destroyed for the simple fact the person never existed or it just turned into a peacock so proud to show his fake shading feathers. 
Knowing what I know today I would prefer to meet a black duck, or a simple frog it would certainly be more loyal than you ever could be.
Sometimes I just need to write to release my anger, my disappointment because to you I will not show any emotion, I won't speak or message, I wish I could delete memories the same way I deleted your number and you from my life... Memories are just too stubborn, they persist and specially when I am so unlucky to know or see something related to you even when I am not looking for it.
But as you see, I am not saying NEVER, because never is too far and tomorrow is too close. 
I am a HUMAN being, I fail, I failed too many times, but even though it still hurts I am certainly way better without you.
3 months of peace...

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